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  1. So following on from a very successful and overwhelming first handmade market in Stalybridge we went on to run a further 3 markets in 2013, each one a great success and we were soon learning where improvements were needed.  

    On the back of our success in Stalybridge we were approached by Tameside Cultural Services who run Portland Basin Museum.  They asked us if we'd be interested in putting stalls at their annual Christmas family fun-day.  We jumped at the chance and it was lovely to run a market in such a diverse environment.  The day was a huge success and our stalls were a great addition to their already fabulous event and we were asked to provide stalls again the following year at their May Day event.

    Up until July 2013 I was running MWL Events alongside a day job.  It was hard work balancing the two but when my employment was terminated suddenly it created an opportunity to take the business to the next level and MWL Events became my full time job.

    So having always worked for other people since leaving school at 16 suddenly I was working for myself! What a shock to the system.  I'd wanted to work for myself for as long as I could remember, both my parents were self employed for most of my upbringing....and suddenly my dream became reality.  I had to be motivated & committed in order to make it work.  I'd gone from a secure income evey month to nothing.... A huge change was taking place but I was very determined! 


  2. Social media is such an important tool when running any business.  We've heard so many times how important it is to have a blog, and more importantly to have a blog incorporated into your website.  So with this in mind we think it's about time we started one.So what to write about..... guess I should start right at the beginning and tell you our business story.  Let me introduce myself firstly, I'm Katherine and I launched my second business MWL Events back in April 2013 when I opened up the doors of my first ever craft market.  It'd been a year in the planning and was born out of frustration more than anything else.  As a cardmaker myself for many years I'd attended many craft fairs that were badly organised and clearly hadn't been advertised/ promoted.  This resulted in no customers and subsquently no sales.  Sometimes I'd travelled for more than an hour to get to the fair, getting up at the crack of dawn and spending valuable hours the day before making preparations.  At the end of one of these days I'd feel so deflated and wanted to give it all up.  I remember driving home one day and saying to my husband "I should organise my own events".... And so the planning began! The first thing I needed to do was find a venue.  I had my sights set on running a craft market in my hometown of Stalybridge.  The town used to have a market but since it closed the town generally lacked activity and struggling shops were closing down each week.  The beautiful old market hall stood empty for most of the year, only being used a couple of times for annual events.  I remember being at one of these events one evening, which happened to be the fantastic Tameside Beer Festival, and had a conversation with my local MP Jonathan Reynolds and shared my idea of filling it full of craft stalls.  He embraced the idea which gave me the motivation I needed to get the wheels in motion. Having attended many craft fairs myself for a few years I already had a few contacts so I sent out an email to gauge interest and the positive replies come flooding back.  How exciting.... a brand new Handmade Market coming to Stalybridge in 2013!!  The hall was booked, the stalls were booked.... and many sleepness nights prior to the big day 20th April 2013! I would have been happy if 500 customers came but WOW a staggering 2000 visitors were recorded which was amazing... I was so thrilled!!  It took quite a few days to come down off the ceiling and lots of emails came in... when's the next one..... and so MWL Events began!
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